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All 4 one avatar is the first RPG game to be fully playable by viewers via Twitch streaming from PixnVox studio.

Built from the game engine “The Sandbox”, it allows viewers to interact directly with the hero and decide his fate together!

The viewers share the controls of the hero (unlike a multi-player game where each player embodies his hero).

This is the novelty of the concept: viewers from all over the world must take turns to play the hero.

Indeed, the map is full of traps, characters and events of all kinds.

It is therefore a role-playing game that will take place over several days, several months, or even several years if the game is successful.

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We leave it up to the community to decide on the fate of our avatar!

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All 4 one concept
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How to play ?

Go to our Twitch channel and play!

You and other viewers will be able to control the avatar to complete the quest of the day.

Good understanding and communication are the keys to succeed in each mission! Good luck!

Victory conditions

In order to succeed in the daily quest, you will not only have to complete the daily quest, but also have to complete it within 16 hours.

Another important point: the hero has only one life! If he dies, he will be resurrected by the deities at 19:00 UTC the next day.

What happens if the quest of the day has not been completed?

If the community fails to complete the daily quest, it will be reset. A new map will not be published until the quest on the current map has been completed.

Daily quest

Every day at 19:00 UTC, a new map will be uploaded via the PixnVox studio channel streaming.

Viewers will play as a single avatar and must help him complete daily quests.

Clues will be scattered throughout the map.

Any issue ? Contact us

Our team will improve the quality of the game as the quests progress. So don’t be surprised if there are bugs or other small problems. Don’t forget that the game is running on “The Sandbox” engine which is still in alpha version!

If you want to contact us, please go to our “Feedback” Discord discussion !

Daily quest : Day #1 (25 august 2022)

Reach the top of the hill before August 26th at 10am

Hello and welcome to this first quest!

GOAL : Today, you will have to bring our avatar “Lostman” to the point of arrival with the help of the compass (displayed on the top right of the screen).

HINT : The arrival point is in the southeast direction.

Good luck! You have 16 hours to get there! Don’t forget that our avatar “Lostman” has only one life!

All 4 one avatar - Quest #1

You will start from here !

Daily quest : Day #2

Will be revealed if Lostman succeeds in the previous quest!