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Visit the collection in the PixnVox Tower (metaverse “The Sandbox”)

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Origins of the project

The original statue on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens

This NFT collection is inspired by the famous monumental Greek sculpture (about 2 meters high and wide) in bronze, dated around 460 BC and kept in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

It was discovered by fishermen from Skiathos in 1926 (left arm) and 1928 (rest of the statue) off Cape Artemisia, north of the island of Evia1. The shipwreck, in the first century B.C., of the ship that carried it, among a heterogeneous cargo, allowed it to cross the centuries and to escape the melting of bronze statues at the end of Antiquity to recover the metal. This statue is one of the few large Greek bronzes still preserved in their entirety, along with the charioteer of Delphi and the two warriors of Riace.

Manu_O, voxel artist, is creating a collection of 3D models of this sculpture representing the sky god, Zeus.

Different types of detour both funny and surprising are proposed in this collection.

The collection is exposed in the art gallery of the PixnVox tower.

About the author


Who is the author of the collection?
Manu_O, who is the founder of PixnVox is the creator of this collection.
How are made the NFT ?

The Crypto Zeus are made one by one, by hand, by Manu_O with the MagicaVoxel and VoxEdit software. There is no automation process!

Which blockchain is used for this project?

The Crypto Zeus use the ERC-721 standard that powers most digital art and collectibles.